Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fun and Busy Weekend

Today was the first time Matt, Chet, and Faith performed with Sign Design, and they had a blast! I was so proud of them! This was the first time they had to do this without the mirrors to see the other kids, and they remembered most of the signs. The whole group looked great up there signing and dancing, and they got huge rounds of applause when they were done!

I must have been using the wrong f-stop on this shot, but I still like it enough to figure out a way to use it on a page. This is Faith's favorite song to sign and dance to... "Can You Shake It Like This?"

All of the boys sign the lyrics to "God Bless My Soldier Too", and it brought tears to the audience's eyes. I think it is a very emotional song to begin with, but to witness it being signed is heartstopping!

Afterwards, we had lunch together and rode some of the rides at the fall festival the performance was held at. Beth found herself a little friend... adorable, aren't they??

Last night we took the kids to the pumkin patch and took some photos and played on the rides there. The lighting was bad, and most of my shots came out blurry, but at least I caught one with most of them semi-looking at me... LOL

Chet wanted to ride the bungee trampoline, and started out just bouncing about four feet off the tramp. When I told him to jump really high so I could get a picture of him without all the twinkle lights behind him, the guy running Chet's bungee added some more cables to him. Then he grabbed Chet's feet, and sling-shotted him about twenty feet high. Chet yelled at him, but when he was done bouncing down he realized it was fun and couldn't wait to do it again.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Chet and Faith are performing in their vocal and chimes choirs at my mom's church, and then going to our church to practice their songs for the Primary program in a couple of weeks. I will post photos if I can get any good ones!


Anonymous said...
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kelly edgerton said...

WOW! How cool that they perform with a signing group. I loved these pictures. My 15 year old has taken 4 years of French. She has decided that for her remaining years in high school, she is going to take ASL. I hope she enjoys it as much as your kids look like they do.

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