Thursday, October 13, 2005

Now Accepting Applications .. Fashion File Challenge #7

LOL.. any takers????
I pulled colors from the sweater, all of which were in this KI paper. I was focusing more on the texture, though, so I filled the layout with little touches of texture: blue mesh, I made chipboard stencil letters with EZ Laser stencils, and used some paperclips and nailhead brads. (My brother is a helicopter/train mechanic, so the symbolism worked for me.) I went ahead and used a blocked look as well to sort of match the sweater. The title letters are K & Co, and even though they are technically definitions, it looked they were cut out of newsprint so I went with it... :0)

Sorry about the dirty scanner! Anybody have any tips on how to make the left side scan with the same color values as the right side??? This frustrates me so much!


Sue said...

Love this layout based on the sweater - love that sweater too :) I don't have any tips on scanning - my scans never colour evenly either. The only thing I do is make sure I scan in a dark room - and if something is lumpy I put a dark towel over the scanner to block out any light. This does help a bit with uneven scans but what a pain!

Are you seriously going to pack a suitcase of stuff for Bellevue? What sort of stuff do you have left. I would love to buy some of it off you :) :) What sort of stamps do you have left? Paper?? You know me, I love to second hand shop :) :)

Email me with details if you get a chance :) :)

So cool that I am going to finally get to meet you!!! Are you going to the pubster dinner?


chris said...

Awesome LO Jennifer! I like the humor of it and the way you color-blocked. I still haven't finished my LO - I am such a slow scrapper!

Glad to hear the kids are getting started with their computer curriculum and the dinner the other night sounded awesome.

your color values are off because the scanner needs to be recalibrated. If it is a lumpy LO I usually wili lay a heavy black cloth over the scanner to keep out any invading light.

take care and have fun in Washington!

Marjorie said...

Jenn this layout is wonderful. He's a cutie. Too bad my daughter is already taken. I can see the two of them together. LOL

Anonymous said...
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Admin said...
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kelly edgerton said...

Great interpretation of the ad. Your page is wonderful. The picture is awesome and the design supports it so well. Nice job!

Lisa M said...

K, Jenn, my cousin is a 31 yo SWF, has an MBA, and is smart and funny. Probably geographically undesirable, tho'-- she's in Los Angeles! I would love to get her married off.
Lisa M (scrapvillage)

Katherine said...

Jennifer - Great layout, and by the way...your brother is HOT! ;)

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