Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'll Be Back

I am heading out to Sacramento today to teach at the Scrapbook Expo. I haven't even packed yet. In fact, I haven't even finished laundry yet. I will get it all together by this afternoon, though.

I finally placed an order to spend my Chatterbox gift certificate. I am hoping that by the time I get home, all those pretty embellishment kits will be here smiling at me!

I finally added some more blogs to my favorites list. I actually have a few more fto add as well, but I keep running out of time. Do you like my huge banner??? LOL.. I didn't mean for it to be so big, but I didn't want to cut off anybody's face either.

Have a great weekend! See ya when I get home!


chris said...

I did that color thing - some true some not - I guess I will post about it later

glad you gor to order all those embellishment kits - they look like a lot of fun stuff

hope you have a safe trip and talk to you later!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Your banner photo is precious!! I love Autumnal :) Have fun teaching at the Expo. How fun!!


~Caro~ said...

Jenn- I wanted to email you after you left comments on my blog... I dont have photoshop or anything. I just used Windows Photo Editor's softening tool. :) Thanks!

Have a safe trip!

nic said...

Thanks for the link! Gorgeous banner.. look at all those gorgeous kiddos!!!

Fingers crossed for teh embelly kits to arrive!


Marjorie said...

Jenn I love your new banner...they are all so cute. I didn't know you had six. There I was a counting away...I bow down to you *smiles*

Sophia said...

I hope your weekend was a huge success! I love the banner! What a great family! Have a great day!


Jennie said...

Just love that really cool banner, the colours are so great, and don't apologise for it being so big, it's fab.

kelly edgerton said...

Here's hoping that you had fun teaching at the expo (one of my all time favorite things to do). And, hey! I love your banner. It looks fabulous.

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