Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fabulous looks good on her

I have to replace that scanner soon. Taking a picure of this doesn't do justice to the fun details. The chipboard pieces are covered with paper, inked, and embossed with Ultra Thick Embossing Enamal. The letter stickers have glitter on them. The papers are 7Gypsies and Quick Quotes. I had to make a page about the first shopping trip with Jessica... it was a touching afternoon in many ways. The little picures show off the jewelry we made that day to match the outfit.

Speaking of shopping, Jessica has been wanting tall boots to wear with some of the skirts we have gotten her, and today I found leather ones on clearance for $5. Don't you love deals like that? And Chet's day was made when he found a backpack for school.

I am registering the kids for school next week, and Matt can't wait. He is signing up to play football this year, and that is all he talks about right now. Jessica is thrilled because the school offers all the AP classes she wants. I am happy because the schools here have approximately a 1:8 student/teacher ratio.

Does the blog look right on your screens? Here on my laptop it is all in proportion...posts on the left, sidebar on the right, banner centered above both, but on Jack's computer it is all out of whack.

Good night!


Marjorie said...

It looks awesome on mine but my computer is 1028 wide. I think it's out of whack on your other computer cause it might be set at 800X600...My older computer does that too....
BTW I love the new look!!!

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