Monday, November 20, 2006

Boys Gone Wild

Crazy teenage boys. They are good kids. They are just crazy.

And they are teaching my little boys to be crazy too.

And when you think of little boys and puppies, isn't this what you think of? I love this shot... LOL

I have always wanted to bury the kids in leaves and take their photos. I was never able to in Vegas. Our yard is covered with the last of the trees' leaves, so I buried Kyle in them the other night. He and I had so much fun!

Last night Beth was in a cuddly mood. I love cuddling with her! Such a contrast to those crazy boys!!


Jolene George said...

Such great pictures Jen! They all made me smile. Isn't it funny how influanced little boys are by the big boys. :o) Enjoy your cuddle time!

Jen said...

Loving that leaf picture..too cute!