Monday, November 27, 2006

Scavenger Hunt photos

There is a scavenger hunt challenge on the photography board at Two Peas that I am having a really good time participating in. I have been reading tutorials and trying to get better at really using some of the photo editing tools that are in my Photoshop Elements program, so I figured now was as good a time as any to start playing with them.

Here is the list of all 26 items on the scavenger hunt. I will post my others as I get done taking and editing them. If you join in and play along, let me know so I can go see what the challenges inspire you to see through your lens!
1. glee 2. village 3. reality 4. accident 5. anxiety 6. low 7. copy 8. kindness 9. bad taste 10. stairwell 11. public transport 12. art 13. shoes 14. Friday 15. alley 16. 7pm 17. telephone 18. ant's eye view 19. words 20. odd 21. a stop sign 22. traditional 23. the sea 24. stripes 25. tangled 26. a night shot

Here the pictures I have taken so far.

challenge #1-Glee- I shot the puppies running to greet us when we got home from school today. I had the wrong f-stop on, but that was a happy accident because I really like how the blurriness in front shows their personalities. The three in front are always wiggly and jumping over each other to get to us, and Sammy is always hanging back and waiting patiently for his turn.

challenge #3 - reality - It doesn't matter how many times I tell them not to, everytime I get a picture framed of one kid, one of the others has to jump in and make some weird face. I didn't stage this shot at all.

challenge #5 -anxiety- Trying to find a peds oncologist for Chet hasn't been easy. There aren't a lot of options, and trying to track down specialists in a tiny community has proven to be a stressful challenge. I know that shadows in photography are generally frowned upon, but I left the one on the phonebook because it sort of symbolic of what it is like to have a serious illness affect one of your kids.

challenge #6 -low- Jack was hauling debris off our property yesterday, and his truck got stuck in some deep mud.

challenge #11 -public transport- I really was hoping they would have their stop signs out for the stop sign assignment instead, but since this really is the only public transport we have in our tiny town (these are all the buses for all the grade levels) I went with it... LOL

challenge #13 -shoes- These are my favorite pair of casual shoes to wear. I used a filter on the picture, but I didn't pay attention to which one.

challenge #19 -words- I love quotes, and almost all the churches around here have messages and quotes posted on their signs.



Jennie said...

I love all your photos and your interpretation of the challenges. I think I love the school bus one, probably only because it's such an american thing, that us english folk never get to see. Probably a bit like the american's and our big double decker red buses!!

Jen from UKx

Jolene George said...

you did such a great job on the photography challenge. I love ALL the pictures!

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