Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Randomness

There isn't a lot to post about today. The satellite guy is coming to fix the receivers. The house is decorated for Christmas. Things are quiet around here today. And I can't find my cellphone. So if any of you reading this who knows the number would give me a quick call to make it ring, I would appreciate it greatly... LOL

I was down on the square a couple of days ago and I loved the contrast of Todd's yellow shirt on this red wall. Then I moved him over by the wooden door, and I do believe I have found another favorite portrait spot!

This antique desk was outside my favorite antique store, and it cracked me up when Todd sat down and did this. Honestly, this is how I picture him in school. "What do you mean I have to keep my shoes on? Why can't I make loud farting noises anytime I want to?"

I need to take some pictures, but I have been making some Psalms 23 bracelets to sell. I will get some shots uploaded later tonight, and if anyone would like one feel free to email me. have a great day!


Johanna said...

I tried to call you, but the number was busy. I hope you can find it soon, I've been needing to call you and see how your Thanksgiving went. Hope your ready for our storm tonight. (I am, so we probably won't get anything!! LOL) Take care!

Anonymous said...

What storm? It's cold here in LV today and it's going below freezing tonight. I am wearing my leather jacket with the liner in it and my lined gloves. How are you all doing with warm clothes like gloves & hats?

I won a $25 gift certificate to Best Buy at the new operations center opening last night. What should I get with it?

Talk to you again soon.
Hugs & love ...


Jolene George said...

LOL! I do see attitude in the last picture...too funny! I wish my decorations were all up.

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