Saturday, November 18, 2006

A couple of updates

As promised, here are the pictures of Jack's new work truck. He wouldn't smile for me since we were still in the parking lot. Before I drove this truck, I thought I wanted a small pick-up for myself when we are done paying it off. However, now that I have driven it, I want one at least as big as this one. I have so much fun driving it when I can!! I always thought I was a sportscar kind of gal at heart... not anymore! I want a huge truck with a big diesel engine... LOL

Beth and Todd were the first ones to get to ride along in the truck. They didn't mind smiling for me... :0) Now when we go anywhere, everybody clamors over who gets to ride with Dad in his new truck. Just wait till I get my own! (I still plan on painting it pink!)

(I fixed Todd's belt after I took this.)

Here is the layout I made for the sketch on the Deluxe blog. I used a larger photo template, and rotated it to work with my photos. This was a miniature NYC Matt made the other day when he found a bunch of foam in my garbage pile in the scrap room. (I had just trimmed all the excess foam off a bunch of stamps I picked up at the last show.) You should see it in real life... he did such a good job on it with all the little details that the camera really didn't catch!

Jack's new job seems to be going well. He is putting in long days once you add on his commute time, but at least the kids get to see him every night before they go to bed. Today he pulled my Christmas decorations out for me, so we are going to get the house decked out for the season after turkey dinner on Thursday.

I sat down today and copied all the photos I had on my computer to disk. Holy cow. It took all day. I had a year's worth of pics on here, and I take thousands of pics a month. No wonder my computer was running so slow! Now I am going to be making a point of making sure I get everything transferred over at least once a month.

I did get some more scrapping work done this week, but I just can't post it yet. I will when the features are released. I am almost done with a couple of other pages I just felt inspired to work on. I will try to get them done tomorrow. Might have to wait till the kids are back in school on Monday.

In the meantime, I have been job hunting for the winter. We will see what happens.

I am so homesick this week it isn't even funny. I don't want to move back to Vegas, but I have got to get back for a weekend soon to see my brother and parents.

Have you heard this song? I love it. I am working on putting togeher a new playlist full of upbeat, dancable songs. I love the last one I made, but I didn' realize how many slow and sad songs I had picked until I listened to it a few times in a row... LOL!

Blogger cut off my post the other day. Here is the new Chris Daughtry song if you haven't heard it. I love his voice! (And he covered Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive on this album... be still my heart!) His album is being released on Tuesday, which coincidentally is Faith's birthday. I am positive she would want this CD... LOL... Click here to listen.

I'll be back soon. Have a nice week!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is heartbreaking to have to leave and come back to LV ... poor Kyle didn't even want to come downstairs to give me hugs. I had to go up the stairs to him instead to get my hugs!

The kids shared their bug with me, too and I've been sick with this crude all weekend so I wasn't able to sing on Saturday with Spirit Song and I missed rehearsal today (Sunday) for the songs we will be singing on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

We're going to have Thanksgiving dinner on Friday instead when your brother is off work. We'll probably go out to dinner early some place on Thursday.

I miss and love you all!



Anonymous said...

Nice truck. Happy to see you guys got a Ram and not a Dakota, helps with the family. Glad to see everyone together again, not just for a week or two at a time. Still waiting for a call from Jack.

Tim N.

Jolene George said...

I have a small truck now, but I've driven big trucks before that. I love big trucks! You can see that the kids really love it.
I know it must be hard to be without your family. I hope you get to see them soon. Enjoy your Thanksgiving...and decorating for Christmas.

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