Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I started dinner last night and finished all the prep work, so today is just a quiet relaxing day at home. This is the first time we have never had a bunch of people for turkey day! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!

I have been waiting for a good day to take Kyle to Alpena to take pictures, so we went this morning. There is an Indian Motorcycle building there that I knew he would love seeing. I love finding new places around here for pictures, and it has been fun playing with different shots on different walls or backgrounds. Alpena was great. It was originally built in the late 1800's, so the architecture and old wood just really appeals to me.

There were a couple of funny things this morning as we were taking pictures. A couple of big huge dogs came over to say hi and then followed us all around the buildings. They wouldn't sit still long enough for their photos to be taken. Then I found a barn that had a great siding on it, so we headed over there to get some shots and this cat attacked us... LOL. She probably had kittens in there somewhere, but anytime Kyle went towards the wall she started chasing him and hissing, then sitting and growling at us. We left psycho cat alone and found other walls to use.

The whole Indian Cycles building has this border around it.

The other fun thing this morning was that while we took our shots this man came out to watch us. He was smiling and laughing at Kyle and seemed to really enjoy seeing us explore he buildings for photo spots. We waved good-bye when it was time to leave. (He is standing on his porch behind Kyle in this )

I took a couple of hundred pics, and shots like this are why I take so many. I was trying to get some of the architecural elements in the shot, and I wasn' paying attention to how the two windows end up looking like really large square ears on Kyle... LOL

Here are some other shots. I need to play more with them to really fix them up, and I want to convert some to black and white. What a fun way to spend the morning! I am on the lookout for more spots to have shoots with the other kids.

Just a quick shot I grabbed of Kyle and I when we were done. He may look like his dad in every other way, but I do declare that boy has my eyes!


Anonymous said...

He has your freckles, too! Loved the photos ... wish I was there with you!

Happy Thanksgiving with lots of hugs,


Jolene George said...

Great photo shoot. Very creative and yes...that boy does have his mama's eyes. :o)

Jolene George said...

Great photo shoot. Very creative and yes...that boy does have his mama's eyes. :o)

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