Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,

How does your garden grow? Well, after some trials and errors, ours is growing bountifully! Tomorrow morning I have to go out and pick the peas off my pea vines... there are lots and lots of them out there. I opened this pod today and found nine perfect peas in there... one for each of us!

My tomatoes are taking off too. Hopefully these guys will start getting nice and red soon. I cannot wait to eat some fresh maters off the vine! I have to start getting some canning jars soon, though. I have 20 tomato plants out there, and I certainly don't want all that yumminess to go to waste!
Now this is a monster sized cabbage. I forgot what I planted there, and when it started growing I jsut let it go to see if it bloomed into anything else. I am going to go ahead and pick it tomorrow too, and shred it up into some coleslaw for Jack and Jessica. It should keep them fed for about a week... lol
This is one of my rows of carrots. I have pulled a couple of small ones up, and Todd eats them before I can get them in the house. Since he likes them so much, and I would like to have a few leftover to freeze and use for other recipes, I planted a few more rows of seeds that are starting to sprout now.

I have lots and lots and lots of squash... yellow squash, zucchini, and a couple of other squash plants that I don't know how to identify. These are some of my yellow crookneck guys, which aren't big enough to eat yet. Soon, though, we will be feasting on squash... yum.

Just to give you an idea of how much squash we will end up with, this is just 1 single plant sprouting out over a quarter of my huge garden bed. This has been so fun for me. I really thought I had a black thumb, and when I compare my garden to the Mennonite garden down the street I really laugh at myself, but for a city girl who didn't know how to grow anything but kids, it is coming along pretty good!

We had a good day today. Things have been stressful around here the last month or so, but today was really relaxed. I took the younger kids to the library for storytime, and it was so good to just be out of the house and watching them do something fun. After the story they made toilet-paper-tube binoculars, and then signed up for the summer reading program. We are going back tomorrow for the science activities.

Faith and Todd both had games tonight, and both of their teams won. I was at Faith's while Jack went to Todd's, so there aren't any t-ball shots to share tonight. Faith played second base tonight, and she definately likes that a lot better than outfield!

And these last photos are some I took today of the wildflowers growing along our dirt road. I love, love, love the wildflowers, and I can't wait to get some more pictures of the other species growing around here. I don't even know what they all are, but I do recognize the daisies and the black-eyed-susans. I think the purple one is a thistle, but don't quote me on it. I used one of the pictures I took today to make my new banner. I have a bunch of other flower shots, but they aren't edited yet, and I figured you might not want to see all 200 of them... lol.

If you are into or work with photography or Photoshop, Photoshop World is going to Vegas in September. I am going to try to attend, so if any of you are planning on being there, let me know!
I will probably be on tomorrow...lol.... I have to show you all the peas we get picked and shucked! Have a good night!


Kirsten said...

your veggies look amazing! And, i'm going to try to convince my boss to send me to photoshop world! We'll see how well that turns out.

Kara said...

oh jen! i am SO freaking proud of you!! :D i have 3 tomatoe plants and i am so excited to see them grow. i might have to be like you next year and do many more!!

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