Saturday, June 09, 2007

They won!! Hurray!!

Kyle and the rest of his team have been playing their tournament games since Thursday night... winning every single one of them. Tonight was the final game to determine first place for the season, and those Braves won that game making them the champs! Kyle had such a good game! He was up to bat three times, and his batting was right on! He got out on the first hit, but that hit brought two of his fellow teammates home, and he came home after the two doubles he hit as well. Woohoo! Those two doubles that he smashed brought home two players each, and those four runs as well as the two he had are what brought his team's score up so high that the refs called the game before the innings were completely over. Whatta kid!

Here he is after his first hit, just as he is releasing the bat and getting ready to run for first. It is hard to see the bat in midair since he lined it up with the baseline so perfectly... lol

And here he is coming home after the next hit.

I love seeing the boys' expressions when they run back to the dugout after the game has been called. Those are some happy boys! (Kyle is in the bottom back right in the second photo.)

And here he is with his trophy, and then his and the team's trophies. Way to go Braves!! Yay!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kyle and team! I'm so proud of you!!!

Love & hugs from Gramma Pam