Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some new pictures

I took some pictures of Beth the other day when she was sitting on the lawnmower. They were really underexposed, so I was playing with some filters and effects just to see what they looked like, and this one ended up kind of fun.

It is official... I can bring more than a pan of peas to fruition! Jack showed me this squash of some sort that was fully grown and hidden under its leaves. There are a gazillion more little squashes in the plant, but seeing this big one just made me happy! I have to find out what kind of squash it is, and then figure out how to cook it, but at least I finished growing it! LOL

Jack built the kids some swings in a couple of our big trees the other day. They have had a blast swinging on them. These are Tipsy and Scarfy's kittens. The two of them co-parent, nursing each other's babies taking turns with them, and the kittens all think they are from the same litter. We have started bringing them downstairs and playing with them, and Jessica likes to cuddle them all up with her. Skittles' babies aren't quite big enough to join these guys yet, but soon they will. That little striped kitten is Jessica's, and I love that little calico on her shoulder. All three of those white ones have their gramma Skittles' blue eyes... such pretty cats!
Beth was so happy to find a Beth-sized frog to play with the other day. (Accroding to Todd, if we cooked it, it would be called bite-sized) If it was an inch long I would be surprised. I laugh at some of the things I find out here... we have one inch frogs and eight inch moths... lol.

Matt has his last baseball game tonight, and then the baseball season is over! Woohoo! It has been fun, but I am looking forward to not scheduling everything around a ball schedule for a couple of months!

The satellite guy just showed up to fix our signal, so I better get offline and go see if he needs anything. Hope you all have a great day!

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Jennifer Sizemore said...

Wow - love that top photo.. the filters you used look wonderful! And cute critters, too!

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