Sunday, August 10, 2008

In the news and other news

I have some scans to share tonight. Todd came to work with me a couple of weeks ago where he spent his time drawing pictures and writing me letters. You know Spidey is a super hero, right? Did you know the dude can dance too? According to Todd, he is a hip-hop breakdancer like no other!

And my Todd... well, he is just a sweetie. I really like that kid!
Faith was on the front page of our local newspaper. (2nd from the right)
And a half-naked Matt was on the front page of the sports section.
And this just cracked me up when the pastor pointed it out to me. You know you live in a small town when not only are yard-sale checks listed in the police reports, but so are dead-chicken pick-ups. Well, you know you are in a small town when it is even necessary to pick dead chickens up on the square. (In case any of my city-dwelling readers don't know like I didn't know when I moved here, the square is the block of town that makes up our "downtown.")
And now I will leave you with a remarkable work of literature, authored by Todd. Did I mention I really like that kid?


Katherine B. said...

Love all of the creative artwork. The dead chicken pickup rocked! LOL!!

Butterfly Dreamer said...

You know I meant it in the most loving of way. Jenn you of all people should know that your a very beautiful person--inside and out

Anonymous said...

Poor ol' Spidey is getting awfully skinny out there! I'm looking forward to our IM conversation for tomorrow night.

Hugs and Love,

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