Friday, August 29, 2008


Kyle and Todd were talking about how school has been going. In the midst of talking about which girls chased them, and what grades they got on their tests, Kyle said, "It is good now that I got my guts back." Todd asked him what he meant. Kyle told him that he called me that first day of school because he was scared, and "then Mom came back to the school to give me guts again."

And Todd said, "Mom came and didn't come see me?" Kyle said "You didn't need guts right then like I did."

I guess Kyle already sees the bigger picture. And he hasn't even said I can't be in charge of his childhood photo slide at his wedding. Katherine, it brought tears to my eyes too!

I love my kids. I am so grateful for the moments like these. When I held these babies there were lots of things I wanted for them and lots of ideas I had for what our relationship should be like. But you know, I never really thought of my role as being a restorer of "guts". Don't you love the way little boys think?

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