Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ready? Set? Get back to school!

We kept our last week of summer as busy as the rest of it was. Along with library movie day, Chet's pottery class, Matt's football practices, and band practice, we have been cooking a lot. We went grocery shopping last weekend and loaded the cupboards with our favorites. One of the dishes I made this week was yummy enchiladas. I chopped a couple of cans of olives up to top them with, and the treasure trove of waiting olive slices was soon discovered by an admiring fan. She must have made off with a good half can full before she was caught!

Thursday night was Open House at all the schools for the kids and parents to meet the teachers. I got home from pottery just in time to grab everyone and run to the school.

Apparently some of my kids need a refresher course in crosswalk safety.

Todd has the world's best teacher this year. Ms. C has been Kyle's teacher for two years, and we all adore her. She is worried she will spend the year calling Todd "Kyle." I told her not to worry about it... we do it all the time. Kyle said he wants to walk Todd to class so he has an excuse to give Ms. C a hug. (aawww) Todd is highly offended by that idea. "I don't need to be walked to my class! I'm not a baby!", he isn't.

Kyle is happy because he has a class with some of his friends. Dear Mrs Y... I promise I will try to comb his hair for school. Those curls are just soooo unruly!

Faith is especially happy because all but one of her five best friends are in her class.... which means Mrs. W has a gaggle of gigglers on her hands. She had Chet last year, and asked Faith if she is as good of a student as Chet is. Why yes, she is... however she isn't nearly as quiet as he is.
Chet gets to have Mrs. G as his homeroom teacher this year, and that makes me really happy.I knew her outside of school, but we didn't know each other's names. Our daughters played soccer together. We arrived and I said "Oh... it's Emily's mom!" as she recognized me as Faith's mom. That is a pretty common syndrome of motherhood isn't it? Somehow our identity becomes So-and-So's Mom.
We didn't get to meet Matt's teachers because somebody spilled coffee on his schedule and they hadn't been reprinted yet. Do funny weird random things like this only happen to us? He won't know where he is going until Monday morning.

That night a big storm was working its way towards town. These clouds and the ones in their wake brought rain all night long. All through the next day there were bouts of "The Notebook" type of rain. I love that kind of rain.

Chet was a very, very, VERY happy guy yesterday when he finally got to go on a campout with the scouts. His best friend Tyler and Matt are also with him. Please excuse the look of the photo. Apparently my noise filter went a little happy with the gaussian blur and gave my masculine scouts an eerily dreamy glow... lol. They are canoeing this weekend. Heaven help me, but I am a nervous wreck over it!

Monday will be the first day back to school. Tomorrow I need to finish filling out the mountain of paperwork the teachers sent home, and sorting school supplies into the appropriate backpacks. It is time to seriously get ready for everything the beginning of the school year brings.... football, soccer, and cheerleading. It is official. Our lives revolve around the sports schedules now!

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Anonymous said...

As "Jennifer's mom" I know exactly what you mean!

I hope all the kids have a great school year.

Love, hugs & kisses,

Gramma Pam and Jennifer's mom :-)

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