Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why I won't be Mother of the Year 2008

I picked Matt up the other night from the concert he had gone to, and he told me he had hurt his finger at practice. It looked a little swollen, but since he hadn't told his coaches about it and it didn't seem to be hurting him too much I told him to ice it and take some ibuprofin and go to bed.

The next morning it was even more swollen, so I told him I would call the doctor to make an appointment to look at it, and I would come get him from school when it was time to go. He called me at work about an hour later and said his coaches thought he had just jammed it, and that they were going to tape it up. He said don't worry about going to the doctor's since it would just need time to heal. I should have listened to my own instincts and taken him.

He woke up this morning with an extremely swollen hand, and when Jack saw it he said he thought Matt's finger was broken. He took him into the ER, and yep... one broken digit. I feel so bad. They got him all splinted up, and he will still be able to play football. The finger should be healed in about 4-6 weeks. I should stop feeling bad for not following my own intuition about taking him in for x-rays in about 4-6 years.

While they were visiting with the ER crew, I spent some time outside with the other kids. Todd kept us entertained as he rocked out on the two-stringed ukelele.

And Beth was busy with her favorite pasttime--- finding frogs.

"Let us out!! Chirp! Let us out now! Chirp,chirp, chirp!"

Why am I showing you a jelly jar with a bit of Kool-aid in it? Because Kyle has embraced country life in every aspect. The last time I went grocery shopping I bought some Blackburn jam in these pint-sized jugs. Kyle saw them when we were putting away groceries and said,"When this is empty I am cleaning it to use it as my cup!" That is exactly what he did. It isn't really Kool-aid... we drink Crystal Light to avoid the sugar and calories of Kool-aid, but the kids call it Kool-aid. Is there anything that says "country life" more than a jelly jar of kool-aid on the porch railing?
Well, maybe wild sunflowers growing in your yard do. Todd found these today and picked them for me. I have one child drinking out of mason jars, and on the other end of the spectrum is the child filling the drinking cups with flowers. And I can't be the only one who finds it funny that my very masculine boy is picking flowers while my girly-girl daughter is catching frogs. Such is life on my pumkpin farm.

So how did you spend your Saturday?

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Anonymous said...

hey mom don't worry about it, it is not your fault.