Sunday, August 24, 2008

Seeing Red

We looked out the back window yesterday and saw spots of red in the garden. Could it be? Is it possible my tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen? Keeping my thoughts of pico de gallo in check, we wandered out to see. The heat of the last few days seems to be working, and throughout the tomato rows there are spots of green tomatoes turning red.

These tomatoes are still green, but even if they ripen tomorrow I will not be picking them. Henry the garden spider has spun a huge web around the front of this plant, and was busy snacking on a grasshopper he had trapped in his web. These tomatoes are huge, and will be lovely when fully ripened, I am sure, but as far as I am concerned Henry can have them. I will not be weaving my hand around his web to get to them!

Fueling my pico de gallo fantasies, the roma tomato plants are heavily laden. Unfortunately, there aren't enough yet for a full bowl of heaven on a chip. The jalapenos are ready.. in fact I have enough for a couple of trays full of pepper poppers. But I am keeping some on the vine to add to my pico when the day finally comes.

I did pick some of the green tomatoes that Henry hasn't built a home on. I gave these to a friend, but am thinking of going out to get some more to try my hand at fried green tomatoes. I have never made them before, but I do love the movie. In fact, I need some comedy in my life. Does anybody want to come over to cook them with me and re-enact the food fight scene? Actually, lets do it at your house. I just mopped my floor.

Speaking of seeing red, Friday was the Meet the Tigers pep rally. We all came to eat free food and watched as Matt and the other athletes were introduced.
In the middle of the different sports teams being introduced, this year's boys track team was brought forward. This is Matt's first year in track.

After a few more introductions, the senior baseball team was brought forward. I think, but am not positive, that they need at least one more boy on the team. He knows there is that age and grade level requirement hurdle he would have to overcome, but Kyle wants them to know he would gladly fill in if they need him.

A few more teams were brought out, and then the senior football was brought forward for the grand finale. Matt is the last one in the back row.

After the rally was over, Matt told me he and his good friends wanted a "buddy pic."
They have their first jamboree on Tuesday. Good luck guys!

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