Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daddy Day Fieldtrip

One of the sets of pictures I haven't had time to share yet were of a field trip Jack took with Beth and her class. I sent him with my camera with strict orders to make sure somebody took a picture of them together, and although he took very few pictures overall he did great making the one that really mattered was taken!

The kids and their dads walked over to the sale barn where they got to see the animals and see what happens in a livestock auction. Afterwards, they all walked back to her school and Jack stayed to have lunch with her.

Even though Beth still talks about the cows she saw, what really meant the most to her was Jack staying for lunch. She mentions it all the time. I am glad they enjoyed their field trip together!

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Amy said...

Hello! I see you live in Arkansas too! Thanks for coming over to my blog! your blog is super cute! I really like your layouts too!You do awesome work!