Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Funny Birthday to Me!

Yes, I am a year older today. The wiser part should be setting in anytime soon.

It was an unusual day, though it started out mild enough. After work, my friend Roberta took me out to lunch. During our lunch Matt called to ask me to race home to get his track shoes.(Matt calling to ask me to bring him misc parts of his sports uniforms isn't unusual at all.) I did, and got them to him just in time for the meet to be cancelled. Which was really good, because as soon as Jack left for work today I realized that McClacken was nowhere to be found. Our neighbor's hand let me know he was in one of their pastures agitating their geldings. Oh my.

I went to town to get Matt and a new halter, and then he and I had to chase the horse down. As I was wondering how in the world I was supposed to get McClacken to agree to let me get the halter on him, I realized I didn't even know HOW to get it on. Then Jack called to tell me he had heard I was having horse issues. One of the neighbors (or 2 or 3) who were driving by found him at work to let him know the horse had made a break for it. He let me know that the roping rope was in the back of the truck if I wanted to try to lasso McClacken. I have lots of skills, but roping doesn't even come close to being in the range of "things I know how to do." Jack just laughed and told me he was on his way to help bring McClacken home.

Matt actually got the rope around McClacken, so when Jack got there I let the two of them work out getting the horse home and making sure he stayed put. Matt went and asked Ron how to get the halter on, and he came over to show us how. I finally took my drenched and muddy self into the house and desperately tried to get warm. When I woke up this morning, I really wasn't planning on chasing a horse through the mud and rain. Some people just go out to dinner for their birthday.

Jesse and Sam sent me a funny birthday card which arrived today.

When you open it up the musical chip plays the sound of somebody calling for security over the intercom. I "think" I was only giggling hysterically because the card was funny, and because I have been in "that" line before. I don't "think" I was giggling that hard because of leftover runaway-horse-induced exhaustion. Who knows, though!

There were some really sweet greetings in my card. Mom signed it too. I miss and love you guys also!

This was my favorite part of the card, though. This is the "postage due" notice that was delivered with it. I am still giggling over it. (Sam did put postage on the envelope... those little sound cards apparently require some extra change, though.)

Thanks Sam and Jesse! And thank you to everyone who called, emailed, and sent messages on my facebook and myspace. Yes, it was an unusual day, but in my world that isn't necessarily bad. I do like things to be kept interesting!

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Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

LOVE the card! I tried to send you birthday greetings, but facebook went zap for a moment and well, long story short. . .I'm a loser who actually saw it was your birthday and didn't wish you happy birthday!! (Actually, you should feel lucky. Paula usually gets hers with her Christmas card. . .and her birthday's in August. . .)