Thursday, April 09, 2009


I jumped in the car and was headed down the road to work this morning, when one of my cats jumped up in the seat next to me. He never made a sound, just looked at me a bit frantically. I stopped the car and opened the door for him to get out. He fled the scene.

I continued on down the road and happened to glance back and found the rest of my cats staring at me with big huge eyes, obviously wondering why the warm snug bed they had discovered when I left my window down last night was moving. Sighing, I turned around and headed back home.

As we drove back home, Midnight jumped up on the back of my seat and laid his head on my shoulder. Rosie jumped into shotgun and batted at the door, as if she could open it herself. Patchy continued riding in the back.

I arrived home, opened the door, and Midnight and Rosie quickly evacuated while Patchy had to be physically removed from the car. As I sat back down to try to go to work again, Patchy jumped back in. Apparently, he likes the idea of having a taxi-cab mom.

Since it isn't "Bring Your Cat to Work Day," I unceremoniously dumped him back out onto the ground, bid him good day, and made my way to work.

Tonight I will make sure to roll up the windows in the car.

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Becky Thompson said...

What a funny story! I remember my dad making sure to check the car all the time for stowaway kittens when we'd go somewhere...this made me giggle!

Thanks for the comment on my blog today, too. God bless you. I'll be praying for you!