Friday, April 03, 2009

Movie Night

The kids and I got the majority of the house cleaned after baseball practice tonight, and the last two loads of laundry are humming away in the machines. Knowing we can sleep in late tomorrow, we ran to the store and grabbed some Mountain Dew for them, Diet Pepsi for me, a bag of miniature candy bars, and some buttery popcorn. Now that we are fortified with the unhealthiest of snacks, we are settling in on the couches and watching Bedtime Stories. I love snuggling with my kidlets in a fresh-smelling clean house watching what is supposed to be a good flick. Hope you're having a great Friday night too!


Anonymous said...

Wow...just look how big my grandkids are getting and how long Faith's hair has gotten again.

It's my time with Sophia and the various animals right now and we are watching the news while her dad's at work and her mom gets some sleep for tomorrow.

Love to you all...


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

you just described my favorite Friday night!

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