Sunday, April 19, 2009


I look through my camera lens, and I see the unexpected. I was trying to catch photos of Matt playing ball on Friday, and when I was checking my settings I saw Faith strolling to me. She was lost in thought, playing with a dandelion she had found on the field, and just taking a leisurely stroll to come say hi to me. She looked up and saw the camera and just started smiling, never haltering her journey.

She is transforming before my very eyes. She hasn't grown very much in height, but she is springing into her teens in leaps and bounds. As much as I hate to see those childhood years slip away, I do enjoy this stage just as much. Most of the time.

The story can't end there, though. In some peoples' worlds, looking through their lens and seeing their young daughter calm and happy is normal, but I have a Todd. In fact, I have the Todd, the one who never passes an opportunity to earn a quick laugh. So when he called to me and I turned my lens his way, I found my young imp performing a half-time show for anybody who wanted to watch. Even on the sidelines at a ballgame, life is never dull around here.


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Johanna said...

Faith is growing into a beautiful young lady. I know exactly how you feel.

It was nice seeing you Saturday. I wish it wasn't so crazy and that we could have talked some more.

Take care!