Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday check-in!

I got home from Portland yesterday, and I spent the day vegging on the couch with the kids. We watched some of my Tivo'd shows, they sang some songs to me, and we just spent the day together. Todd went outside to bounce on the tramp, and managed to hurt his leg a little bit. He came inside and told me he needed pancakes to make it better, so we had pancakes for dinner. :0)

I got to spend most of my freetime in Portland with Sarah which is always fun. She signed up to be my TA on Saturday as well which gave us a little more time. we talked all weekend about taking our picture, and then we kept forgetting to actually take it... LOL... how do 2 major scrappers forget to take a picture like that??

I kept my fingers crossed all weekend that I might get a Hall of Fame call, and after they went out I held my breath for an honorable mention call, but neither one came for me. I had a moment, though, where I thought I did get one. I was waiting for the other ladies I worked with this weekend to get into town, and a couple of them are from Utah. Teresa called me the first time, and her name came up on my ID so I knew it wasn't CK calling from an 801 number. About 20 minutes later, though, an unidentified 801 call came, and I held my breath as I answered it. It was Teresa calling me from Ashley's phone because hers had died. Bummer... LOL. Congratulations to everyone who did get those calls!

Here is my entry if you would like to see it. I can see where I could have made it a stronger entry, but I still like it.

This was the altered project. I made name blocks, and each of my blocks is decorated with things that have some kind of personal meaning for me. The judges probably wouldn't know that by looking at them, though.

This was one of the four extra assignments.

This was my journaling assignment.

This was the ten photo assignment

This was the favorite candid photo assignment.

This was the product usage assignment with ribbon, patterned paper, and rub-ons.

This is another of the four extra pages.

Another of the four extras... It is hard to tell here, but I trimmed the top and bottom edges of the page with deco scissors for a different look.

One of the four extras.

This was the assignment where we are supposed to tell something about ourselves. I made this entry before we knew where Jessica was. At the time we were looking at maybe moving to Nebraska.

The kids were in a parade while I was gone, so I am going to take the film in and develop it today. I will post some pics later!


Marjorie said...

Jenn these are excellent. I don't know how they can choose from all of the entrants. It must be very hard...

Marjorie said...
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Sarah Murphy said...

Jenn~ I'm sorry you didn't get the call. What were they thinking??? They must not know talent when they see it:)Did they get to see your actual pages or do you just send picts? I think if they just saw picts that must be why because I know they are so awesome in real life- even if I havn't seen them but I have seen other work in real life and picts don't do it justice. Congratulations anyway!!! for doing such amazing work. You Rock!!!

Katrine said...

Amazing work. I can't believe they didn't call you!

Katherine said...

You are a winner in my book Jennifer!! Hey, guess what....I have a coupon for the Coach store AND yes, there is a store in Kansas City!! Heeheehee...guess where we are going!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jenn-your HOF entry is absolutely amazing...I am certain you were number 76!!!

Will I see you in KC this weekend?

Cindy Curtis
aka luv2scrapcindy

Badthing1 said...

Hello Jennifer :) I just arrived here via the next blog search and I had to stop and look at your beautiful scrapbook. I've always wanted to get into scrapbooking and to be honest, after seeing yours, I want to do it even MORE.

I particularly loved your Healthy Girl photo. What an adorable child! Dakota Fanning, watch out! ;)

You really SHOULD win a contest for this...

Robyn said...

These are such wonderful layout Jenn! Wow! You should be so proud! Love all the eye candy and details...beautiful work hun!!