Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Very nice, slightly modified

Kansas City was fun, even with a few oddball curves thrown in there. We arrived at our hotel on Wednesday night to find the doors sealed shut and signs announcing it was closed due to asbestos removal. Our reservation had been transferred to a a "very nice" hotel with a "very nice" breakfast, according to the front desk clerk. Our "very nice" room had porn mirrors all over the wall behind the beds, and "very nice" became our catch phrase for the weekend. Then on Saturday night we went to dinner, where Ann sent back her French Onion soup and asked for it to be prepared in the traditional manner. The server brought her back a bowl of broth with a piece of swiss cheese floating in it, thumped it down on the table, and said, "French Onion soup, slightly modified." As grating as her poor attitude was at the time, we all thought that "very nice, slightly modified" was a very catchy phrase and used it as much as we could the rest of the time we were there. We had such a fun crew this weekend. The first photo is of Kara, Katherine, Ann and I at the airport on the way home, then Kara and I, then Gayle and Ann. Kara and Katherine have other photos as well that they might post, especially the really funny ones of Kara stalking certain scrap celebrities. I laughed all weekend long... Kara is a riot to be around!

We went to Urban Arts and Crafts on Thursday after set up, where I was gifted with this lovely little basket of treasures. Thanks Jo and Katherine! I have already started to make a couple of necklaces with some of the pieces, but they are still drying so I will have to take shots of them later and add them. On Friday we headed to Kansas to the Overland Park mall so Katherine could use her Coach coupon, and we got there early enough that we didn't have to do the paparrazi dash this time. I love shopping with Katherine... it is always fun!

This sign in the airport cracked me up. How do they know they can fit 1508 in that little family bathroom? How small are those 1508 people? And why 1508???

Anyway, I got home safe and sound, and spent Sunday and Monday (which was a staff development day) hanging out with the kids and grocery shopping. Didn't do much of anything else, but yesterday was a happy day. Let's see...

I got to spend the day cuddling with my little ones.

I got to make jewelry just for fun.

We had homemade fajitas... mmmmm.

I received messages from Jessica that started with "Hi Mom"

I went to Lowes and picked out paintchips to match fabric samples.

Oh.... and did I mention.... that we were approved for the financing for our house???? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Anyone up for the happy dance with me??


Johanna said...

You know I've been happy dancin' since yesterday! I've got a new neighbor...I've got a new neighbor...

Sarah Murphy said...

Although I should be happy for you because you are getting a house. I'm not because your leaving here and I don't like that:) I wish you were getting a house here instead. I'm just kidding, I'm happy for you. I'm just sad:( Were going to miss you Jenn.

Kara said...

dude!! so cool!! i am HAPPY for you!! happy dancing with JEN!! you will be close to me....more hanging out and having girly giggle fits!

pics ARE coming tonight...where is my long island iced tea one? :D

*hugs* miss you!

Ann K said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Congrats Jen!!! I had a "Very Nice " time this week end! I plan on making French onion soup this week, in the "traditional" manner. Gotta get my fix!

Sarah said...

Yeah! I have been thinking about you for the last week, hoping all was ok with your loan! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I was very excited to find out that yall got the house I cant wait

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