Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Woohoooo Matt!

Matt entered an art contest at his school last week. The kids entering had to create a bookmark, and Matt used all of his own drawings to create his. (He is so incredibly good at drawing, especially comic book figures or characatures) Today he came home with the proud news that he won first place with his artwork, and his prize was a $25 giftcard from Target. I took him over there tonight so he could spend it on something to celebrate his day! I haven't seen the winning artwork yet, but if he brings it home I will post it.

We are really proud of you, Matt! Congratulations! I just know that this is just the first of many times your art will be recognized and rewarded as the best! Love you!

Here is a page I finished of the girls today. I made the background a few days ago when I was working on a City Planner page. (I started out making it a two page spread and changed it to a single) I turned the page so the strips of paper and cardstock ran vertically for a slightly different look than the other one I made. I love symbolism in layouts, so I thought the black paperclip with the three flowers was perfect to symbolize the three girls. I just let the title be my journaling for this one, and I loved those ingredients stickers when I saw them so I was glad to get to use the sisters set for these. I thought they went with the title perfectly. I used a pair of those jumbo deco scissors too.... I find myself enjoying some of those again these days!

Patterned papers: Rusty Pickle and KI Memories
Embossed Paper: Frances Meyer
Black letter stickers: Sonburn
Rub-ons: Basic Grey
Paperclip: Carolee's Creations
Paper flowers: Prima
Brads and photo turn: Creative Impressions
daisy ribbon, black marker, black paint, brown ink

(For my non-scrapping friends and family... I list the products I used so if the page ever gets published I have the supply list handy to submit with it.)


sarah Murphy said...

Jenn is it your birthday? If so Happy Birthday!!

Jolene said...

ok...I have been secretly, LOL, reading ur blog...I have left a few comments, time to time but I have a few questions..

1. How many children do you have? 6 in the picture up top but by the posts, it seems like u have 7? Am I right?

2. OMG! I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your lo's! They are gorgeus!!!! ANd you should submit every single one of them!!!!! AWESOME WORK!

3. Do u have an online gallery I can peek at? I am soo lovin your work!


Johanna said...

First of all...Congratulations Matt!!

And of course, I love that page. It's beautiful!

He he he about Sarah's comment...guess I started that by bringing up B-day dinner....Not until April 2nd Sarah.

Jennifer Stewart said...

Wow, that's wonderful that he is SO artistic! Congratulations to him! :)

That layout is beautiful, Jenn. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Hey mom, tell matt congrads from me. i love the pic of us girls i cant wait to have more.
Jesscia Lee

Kara said...

hey chica!! great work!! i am loving it all!! :D

can't wait til our next show *heehee* and cause a ruckus again!! :D

jenleon said...

Congratulations Matt, would love to see your artwork.

I'm lovin that LO Jenn of the Sisters, it's gorgeous. Particularly the black daisy ribbon, and those rub-ons.

Jennie fron UK x

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