Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Arlington, TX

I flew into Arlington last night to work the GASC show. I had booked a flight for Jack to get back to Vegas for work, and it turns out we got to fly to Dallas together. It was nice having an extra hour to just cuddle a bit before we spend a few weeks apart. I feel bad for him because he hates flying, and we were on one of those little jets where tall men feel like they are flying on a Lilliputian plane!

I just got done calling and talking to the kids. We have never left them with anybody but my mom or my brother, so this has been a long day, but it sounds like everything is going well.

It took a while to set up the booth today, but we moved it all around and tried something new, and it looks really nice. If you are coming to the show swing by the aqua blue Deluxe Designs booth and see the brand new stuff we have out... it is so cool!

I have some more work to get done tonight before I go to bed to get some rest before my 8am class tomorrow. If I remembered my card reader (which isn't likely since I forgot things like some of my clothes and shampoo, etc) I will try to post some pics before I go home. The internet should be installed in the new house after I get back, and then I can get back to posting regularly! I might even scrap on my next couple of days off once the house is completely done and I am done setting all my scrap stuff up.

Have a good weekend!


Jessie said...

Jenn!!! I just posted a long comment on your blog then the computer ate it. :p

Anyway... I miss you!! Hope things are getting settled as best they can... I wish I could see you at GASC to give you a hug!! Take care, chica! :)

Kara said...

wow!! things were looking good at DD!! ;) dontcha just LOVE the curtains!!