Thursday, June 29, 2006

Some updates

I am working on an updated banner, and even playing with the idea of changing some color schemes on my blog, but I thought I would at least pop in and say hi and let you all in on the latest!

Court went really well on Monday. We went in, all the lawyers said their pieces, the judge made sure we aren't hardened criminals, and then he sent Jessica home with us for the initial five week visit. We return to court next month to finalize custody, and then she is all ours! We were all just really excited as we piled into the car and made arrangements to pick her stuff up, and then it hit me just how real this finally is. Jessica was coming home... so my eyes got all teary and I had to grab some tissue and dry up the waterworks. I can't tell you, though, just what it meant to finally get to bring her home. Ten years later, and she is sleeping in her bed, eating meals with her family, playing with her siblings, and spending hours and hours just talking with us. It overwhelms me still. The kids are loving having her home, and it has been a very smooth transition so far. She got all unpacked and filled her drawers, boxes, and shelves with her goodies and clothes, hung her stuff up on her walls, and took over the counters in the bathroom...which is perfect, because more than anything we wanted her to feel at home here.

Matt has been a youth leader for the cubscout camp this week and has really enjoyed it. He is killing me... seriously... all week all he can talk about is how he is growing his mustache. He doesn't want to cut his hair at all, so he looks like a Chia pet again. He is sprouting up, and thinning out, so nothing fits him. And he has a crush the size of Texas on a girl who isn't the least bit interested, but that hasn't deterred him at all. This teenage boy stuff is harder than I thought (and a lot funnier) it would be!

I took the kids to play in the park yesterday, and I was bitten by some nasty spider. I didn't actually see the culprit, who would have died if I had caught him, so I can't give a positive ID. I went to the ER today because it is very swollen, tender, and hot to the touch. (looks like someone planted a red-hot golf ball above my elbow.) The doctor gave me a shot of steroids to keep the swelling at bay, and started me on a course of antibiotics. The primary suspect is a brown recluse, but it could also be a severe allergic reaction to a bite, and I like the second option much better. I am allergic to a lot of other things, so I am jsut shooting for that option at that point. If the swelling doesn't subside by tomorrow I will go back. See, Mom, sometimes I am good and I do what the doctors tell me to do. I let them give me a shot in the hip, and although Kyle thought it was incredibly funny that he had to turn around while Mom "got shot in the butt" I was feeling a bit hesitant about the whole process! It is such an undignified way to receive medical care.

Tomorrow we have errands to run, and a very important skirt to go buy. Jessica has been wanting a gypsy type skirt like Faith loves to wear, and in my book a girl who wants a pretty skirt to dress up in should have one. The movie rental place has free rentals this weekend too, so we are going to take advantage of that offer while we are in town. Tonight I made a couple of beaded pieces, and tomorrow the girls and I are going to work together to make more... and you know what.... I just can't wait.

Take care, and I will be back soon. Hope you are enjoying the weekend as much as I am! Mom... I miss you... please come visit soon!


Kara said...

hey girl!! man, i am all swelled up with tears just reading that!! i am totally excited for you!!

i can't wait to hear about everything in person!! talk soon!

sarah Murphy said...

jenn glad to hear about Jessica, send pictures when you can, would love to hear more about your town you live in. take care

Katherine said...

Yeah, glad everything went well!! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the girls in their skirts!! I bought some new beads today, gotta try that memory wire stuff! LOL!! xoxo

Marjorie said...

I am so happy for you and your family...
Sounds like things are settling down. Enjoy your 4th!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been very worried about you when Jack called me to tell me about the spider bite. So, I'm glad you're doing as the doctor tells you to do! Since I'm perpetually late with everything, please know that I'm sending the kids red, white & blue shirts/ outfits back with Jack on the 5th ... so they'll be nice to take photos in for your 4th of July layout, even a day late! I also still have the layaway stuff to get and try to send back out with him, too. Unfortunately, he only brought the duffel bag instead of the big suitcase ... whatever was he thinking???

I sent you an email with a link for some property for you and Jack to check out for me. Where's Wolf Pen Acres? The listing says south of Berryville.

I made some progress on getting the front bedroom (guest) room and two closets cleaned out! I took 10 big plastic bags of clothes and 5 big office depot boxes of shoes to donate to Big Brothers/Big Sisters this past week.

Love you! MoM

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