Monday, June 19, 2006

San Diego was so wonderful!!

I got home yesterday from San Diego, and it was a perfect balm for the last few troubled weeks! I worked with Kara and Ann, and Sharla and her hubby Chris this weekend, and we got to spend some time doing some really fun things. After set up on Thursday, Ann and Kara and I headed to my favorite bead store in SD, then we raced around Ikea (where I spent $5) and Target(where I only spent $7) on a couple of speed shopping sprees. It was just great... hours spent at places we all enjoyed!

On Friday night we all 5 explored some of the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, ate some Thai food and Rocky Mountain chocolates, and tried to take pictures of the Hari Krishnas who were singing on a corner.

On Friday morning my friend Mette surprised me by showing up for my class, and she invited us to a bonfire party her family and friends were having on Saturday night. After tear down Ann and Kara and I headed up to Escondido to enjoy the evening on the beach and had a blast. We got there too late to get really awesome beach photos, but that didn't stop us from trying to snap a few as we played in the surf for a little while.

I got home on Sunday afternoon, and we all went to dinner at the Cracker Barrel for Father's Day.

Today was a much busier day than I was planning on. The caseworker came out to finish the home inspection, which went really well. Then we went to meet a new realtor and look at some houses. We found another one that will work for our family, and it is a third less expensive than the last one we made an offer on. We ended up making an offer and then heading to the bank to begin the loan process, and now we will just see how it goes. It is good to see things happening, but I will not get excited about it again until the papers are signed this time!

here are some pics from the weekend. I am heading to Chantilly on Wednesday, and I am looking forward to that trip a lot. Then I have a couple of weeks off, and I am really excited about that! We go back to court next Monday, and if all goes well we will get to bring Jessica home for the first summer visit we have had in over a decade! I'll let you know how it all goes!

Chet and Faith in front of Cracker Barrel

Ann, Kara, and I trying to take our group photo on the beach

our feet in the sand and surf

love this shot of Ann

Mette and I

Kara and Mette in front of the fire

Kara and Ann with one of the cops who kicked us off the beach at 10pm!



Kara said...

FUN!! totally love our happy cop!! i am beading....(break time) at the moment. fun things that i get to wear this week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jenn.

Please call me or have Jack call with an update!