Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy birthday, Grace!

Yesterday was Kara's daughter Grace's birthday! Happy birthday Grace! Hope you had a great day!

This is the page I made featuring the photo of Faith and Grace when Kara was down visiting me a couple of weeks ago. This photo isn't pink-toned like this in real life. I need to adjust my scanner settings!

I used the scraps from that page to make this card. Both of these are part of the "stripes, diamonds, and dots" City Planner feature on ScrapVillage right now. I made some other items for the feature as well, and the other City Planners came up with some great ideas if you would like to go check it out!


Jana said...

Love the LO and card! The names "Faith & Grace" as just so cute together and the actual girls are pretty darned adorable too!!

Kara said...

awww!! thanks girl!! you ROCK!!

i will shot grace when she gets up from her nap! ;) tired girl i have!

those LOs look great!! :D

rick said...

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