Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where'd the weekend go??

The weekend flew by!!! We were so busy the entire weekend, but we had a lot of fun.

On Thursday, I picked everyone up from school, we gassed up the truck and then we followed this bus full of football players and cheerleaders to Yellville. It was a hard night for the Tigers... they took a big loss. Matt didn't get to play in this game, but I made him laugh when I said at least they couldn't blame him for their loss!

I grabbed this shot as he was watching the game. He is trying to grow his hair out, and I love how it looks curling out underneath his helmet.

Jessica brought the camera from her journalism class and took pics of the game for the school newspaper. I loved watching her take all her shots... think I am rubbing off on her a bit?

Faith did what she always does! We weren't there for five minutes before she had a group of new friends gathered up playing games and running around. I love how friendly and social she is!

Friday was a bit hectic as well. Twenty minutes before we needed to pick the kids up from school, Todd slipped on the bench I had just washed, and knocked his chin on the counter as he was falling down. It wasn't a serious cut, but I knew it wouldn't stay closed the way he had cut it. So I loaded everyone up and off we went to ER. Instead of stitches, the doctor superglued him back together. Really, I was just being fascetious when I said it was time to get to know the medical personnel... I didn't mean to be prophetic!

After gluing Todd back together, I took Faith to her dance class. I love this shot with her jazz shoes in one hand, her taps in the other, and wearing her cowboy boots, which are my preferred dance shoe. I have to find something fun to do with this picture!

On Friday night I let Matt and Jessica go to the Senior football game with a group of friends. I sent my little camera with Jess, and she got a couple of shots that turned out. Tony... keep your hand out of your face when the camera is working!! :0)The churches in town take turns hosting a "5th Quarter" game after every home game, and they all went to that after the game and had a lot of fun.

The other day this girl, Teeka, asked Matt to "go out" with her. He was honest and told her he can't date until he's 16, but that they could hang out at school and games and stuff like that. She agreed, and here they are. I am glad she will actually smile for the camera!

On Saturday James and Tony came over and helped us clear out a pile of junk the last owners had left here. (See the car fender they left behind???) We were able to burn most of it in the burnhouse, and there is a great deal of satisfaction in getting a big chunk of the outside work done that we need to get taken care of. By next weekend we want to have the area around the barn completely cleared out so we can focus on getting the barn taken down. There is still a lot of work to do, but once we get it all done it will all really look good. You can see some of the trees that line our property in this shot as well.

Faith spent Saturday afternoon playing with her friend Lauren across the street. She and Lauren had fun riding the 4-wheeler around the pasture for a while, then they came back to our house to jump on the trampoline.

The rest of these are pictures from the fair the other night.I really like the one of the girls on the heart ride, even with it being blurry. I like how it captures the motion, but you can still see Faith holding on for dear life, and Jessica laughing as she spun it a little faster.

Half the kids were sick and stayed home from school today. They all seem to be feeling a bit better tonight, and I am hoping whatever bug this is runs its course before the weekend. We have another weekend with plans for games, activities, and work coming up, and the week after that kicks off what we call birthday season around here! Jessica, Chet, and Beth all have birthdays in the same week, so I have some prep to do to get ready for that! We are all busy, but we are loving it!

Read a quote the other day that I love.

"Wealth isn't measured by how many things you have. It is measured by how many people you have to love."

I am filthy rich... :0) Talk to you soon!


Johanna said...

It sounds like things are going great for you. Sorry to hear your kids aren't feeling too good. I hope that they get better soon. I'll call you in the a.m.

Anonymous said...

Great photos ... I miss you all so very much, but I'm glad to see how the kids are growing! Aaaaagggggh, birthday week already! How dare they get another year older already! I was out shopping for them tonight until we got too hungry and my feet were hurting. Talk to you later. Love & hugs to everyone.


Jolene said...

I havent been to your blog in sooo long! I noticed all your scrapbook pages on the side....WOW! You are REALLY good! I cant believe how much your style has changed. GREAT PAGES...Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow all the kids look great. You sure have your hands full. I thought I had it rough with 3 boys. You are doing a great job and I couldn't be happier to see that Jessica is back where she belongs. You all look like one HUGE happy family. Please tell all the kids Auntie Marcie loves them and give them a hug and kiss for me. Tell Jessica she is beautiful and I love her to pieces. I am so happy she is happy.

Love you all

Jolene George said...

Hey...there is another Jolene!!! :o)
You have all been so busy. I love that you captured in all in pictures and words. From the glimpses I've seen of your land, it sure is gorgeous...like where I've always dreamed of living. You have to show me more of it.

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