Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Happy, happy birthday, Dear Jessica!

We have officially kicked off birthday week! Starting out this momentous week is Jessica, who is 17 today! We have a pile of presents from us and my family waiting for her to open, I baked her a German Chocolate cake that didn't even fall apart, and I am making her favorite Chinese foods for dinner tonight. (orange chicken, fried rice, beef and broccoli, and I picked up some pre-made eggrolls) She has some friends coming over after school to help her celebrate.

Happy birthday, Jess.... we hope it is wonderful for you!!! We love you!!


Kara said...

happy birthday to you!!
happy birthday to you!!
happy birthday to Jessica!!

happy birthday to you!!!!!

Katherine said...

Happy 17th Birthday Jessica!!

Johanna said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! I'm sure you had a wonderful day.

Jolene George said...

What a nice mom to make her all her favorite things. Sounds like a fun time.
Send Jessica happy birthday wishes from me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica. You look beautiful in the picture posted. You have grown up so much. I love you and hope to see you soon. You are in my thoughts everyday. Happy Birthday again and I hope it was the best one yet.

Auntie Marcie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jess! A little late but I was hoping to see a post. What a beautiful young woman you have turned into. I hope your day was the best one yet.

Love Lots,
Auntie Aimee

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