Sunday, September 03, 2006

Misc photos

I took some random pics in the last couple of days I thought I would post real quick.

This is a self-shot of Matt and I. It was a bad-hair, no make-up day for me, but I still kind of like how it came out because Matt looks good.

I told you I would add a shot of the burn pit. We are actually calling it the burnhouse. We have been gathering up misc stuff from around the acreage that needs to be burned, so we plan on having a bonfire party tomorrow.
The kids all wanted to watch scary movies last night, and I let Jessica invite Tony over. She warned him that I take pictures all the time, but for some reason he thought she said I only take them in the winter. The winter? Have you ever heard of seasonal photographers??

Faith asked me if I would like a glass of water, and I said yes. Instead of one glass, she brought me a tray of Dixie cups, giggling the whole way. I drank them all.

And I am really loving the mushrooms growing all over the property right now. There are all sorts of different toadstools and mushroom types out there, but I thought this one was pretty cool looking. There is a little family of toadstools growing by the driveway, and I think I am going to go paint some red spots on them on Tuesday to see what the kids say when they get home from school. No, I'm not bored sometimes... LOL

Anyway... there is lots of other stuff to talk about, but I need to get some sleepy kids ready for and into bed. We are heading to the parade tomorrow morning. I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day holiday!

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Kara said...

totally cute!! but i have heard of 'seasoned'!! :D

miss ya girl!! *HUGS*

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