Saturday, September 16, 2006

Virtual Crop Pages

The virtual crop over at Scrap Village has been a blast! These are the pages and projects I got done for most of the challenges from yesterday. There will be a bunch of new challenges today, and it's not too late to come join in the fun!

You can see the supply lists for any of these in my SV gallery. I just don't feel like re-typing it all here. :0) Please look past the stupid pink tint on the photos... that is just the scanner being colorblind again!

Challenge 1 - make a page using at least five different patterned papers.

Challenge 2 - use scraps from your layouts to make cards. I have only done these two so far.

Challenge 3 - Use a numeral as part of your title.

Challenge 4 - Create a "note to self" layout.

Challenge 5 - Use any rub-ons to create any project. I used them to create this necklace with Mat's jersey number to wear to his games.

Challenge 6 - Make a page listing 5 random things about yourself.

Challenge 7 - Create a 6x6 recipe card for soup

Challenge 8 - Make a page with lyrics (haven' done that one yet)

Challenge 9 - Make a page using layers of patterned paper.

Challenge 10 - make your own embellishments. (Haven't done that one yet)

Challenge 11 - Use as many leftover embellishments and prodcuts on a page as you can.


Kara said...

jen!! you ROCK!! these pages make me wanna go scrap.
< nevermind > my butt doesn't wanna move!!

you are doing SO good with your wieghtloss!! i am so proud of you!

talk soon!!

Pam Steinke said...

Hi Jen! Those are fantastic LOs!! Very inspiring. Glad all is going well for you!

Kirsten said...

Love all your pages, and I still love Bon Jovi too ...

Jolene George said...

You are so stinking talented. I am so in love with your style and creativity. Really really beautiful work...honest!

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