Friday, December 01, 2006

Kissed by Snow

Yesterday a winter storm moved in. We woke up to a whole lot of rain that caused a lot of overflowing everywhere. School was cancelled so I took the girls and we went to get some supplies to make sure we had light in case the power went out. We found this little waterfall down the road from us. There was so much that it was flowing over the drainage ditch instead of through it.

Then in the afternoon, the rain suddenly became sleet, and the raindrops that were dropping off of the trees and other items around the house froze in place. Finding these little icicles everywhere was so fun!

This little frozen tree was my favorite though. The way the water froze on it just made it look crystalline... so pretty!

This is just a shot I took of the girls yesterday afternoon since they were all in ponies... just thought they looked cute!

Last night most of the sleet turned to snow, and it was stunningly beautiful. I loved peeking out the windows and watching it all night. This tree is in our backyard, and I loved the way the light was casting its shadow on the snow. I think I will use this shot for the "night shot" part of the photography scavenger hunt.

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland in our yard. The back yard had a bunch of grass peeking through it. Since the grass is shorter in the front yard, it just looked solid white. I took this from the back of the property by the pond.

I did take some kid pictures, and we took our Christmas card pictures today, but I need to edit those still. However, the ones of the puppies didn't need much done to them, and they were so stinking cute I thought I would share them. They were bouncing through the snow drifts like little jackrabbits. I think they liked playing in the snow more than the kids did actually!

Jessica and I and some of the younger kids walked down to the pond to see how it looked. I took these shots to show off the ice in the water, and I loved the way the sun is reflected in the first one.

The kids are out building a snowman right now, so I know I will be back on later with more shots. Just wanted to share what we have seen the last couple of days. We are enjoying our first winter storm!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you can enjoy it and not have to be traveling in it! Great photos ... I miss and love you all!


Johanna said...

See what happens when I tell you that it probably won't snow before Christmas! (Kind of like the whole tornado thing!) I hope your kids had as much fun as'd have thought that there was a foot of snow outside! I hope Jack faired well in the cold.

Coleen Thompson said...

I am so jealous of all the snow! I am up here in the great white north (aka Canada) and we've got nothing, not a bit at all. I can't wait until our yard looks like that too!

Jolene George said...

I am mesmerized by all your winter wonderland pictures. It's so pretty! The girls look adorable in their ponytails.

Katherine said...

Awesome photos of the snow, but boy does that look cold!!! Brrrr...

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