Monday, April 02, 2007

34 today

Today is my 34th birthday. We really don't have any plans made, but Chet is taking part in a chess tournament today that we are going to go be spectators at. Good luck, Chet!
Tomorrow is the first day of baseball practice for Kyle, and the other kids are starting this week too. Life is about to really start revolving around sports schedules again. I can't wait to put my new lens to work for those shots!
This bird was up in one of our trees jabbering at me yesterday. I couldn't tell you what kind he is, other than he might be a finch, but I thought he was pretty. (I am assuming it is a he since most of the females aren't nearly as pretty as the males.)
I am off to be the Chet's cheering section. I will post pics tonight!


Kerry said...

Happy Birthday Jenn :) Hope you have an awesome day. Good Luck to Chet at his tournament.

Kara said...

happy birthday girl!!

send me your mailing address!! ok?!?!

miss you!

Jolene George said...

Happy belated birthday Jenn. You're still a pretty young girl. I thought you were closer to my age since you had a large family like mine with older kids. I hope your day was wonderful. You deserve it!

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday Jenn, hope you had a fab day. Just been on a photography course, so I can relate to loving that lens, and all those gorgeous pics you have taken.

Can't wait to see more.

Jen from UK x