Sunday, April 08, 2007


I hope everyone had a nice Easter! Ours was pretty quiet and really cold. The temps have been in the freezing zones the last few days, so we had a hot-chocolate Easter! After church the kids came home and dyed their eggs, then we started dinner and watched The Pursuit of Happyness. I love stories like that.

Every year I take the kids' pictures on Easter. It is the one day everyone is dressed in really nice clothes that coordinate with each other, and they are all usually pretty happy from waking up to baskets full of candy. However, nobody matched today, and my lighting was bad, and I had some unhappy campers, so it looks like our traditional Easter Sunday pictures will be re-taken on another day! This is the closest I came to getting one I liked... and I think it probably looks better in black and white, but I am looking forward to taking new ones! I am going to need a cute hat for Beth, though, because this afternoon she snuck upstairs with a pair of scissors and cut off most of her hair. Sigh. It's a good thing that tomorrow is a brand new day.


Johanna said...

Oh, Jennifer! Remember when Sara cut her bangs off? It seemed like forever until they finally grew out. I feel for you. I'm sure she's just as cute as ever though! As for Easter pics, don't feel bad. I didn't get any group shots. Rachel was sick in bed, none of the clothes coordinate...I'm just waiting for another day (that's warmer!!)


Jolene George said...

I think they all looks great! As for the haircut, one night we came home from a date and ALL my boys were BALD...seriously! School picture were in 2 days and I didn't buy any. Thank heavens hair grows, but I think it's harder when a girl cuts her hair.

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