Friday, April 13, 2007

Heading Out Today

Last night Faith had her first softball practice. I really like both the girls on her team and the coaches... very nice people! Faith has never played before, so she needed to get the hang of how to use that glove. As soon as she quit trying to catch the ball like this... (I accidentally had my camera on the wrong settings, hence the blurriness)

she started to get more comfortable. It didn't take her long to get the hang of catching the ball and immediately throwing it where it needed to be, so I think she will do pretty well this season. The coach saw my camera and asked if I would take the team pictures this year... woohoo!

We thought spring was here for good, but winter has pulled a sucker punch on us! It has been cold the last week! Sadly, the majority of the plants in the garden froze, but some of them are pulling through, so we might still have a good crop in a few months. Last night we lit a fire in the burnpit on the porch, and sat around it and roasted marshmallows. See the dog in the bottom left corner? That is Rupert. He isn't our dog, but he is always over here. He loves to come play with the kids and the dogs who do live here. He is a sweet dog. We call him our Dupree... lol.... he eats our food, wants to sleep on our furniture, and has basically made himself right at home here. Funny things like that are always happening around here.

I am taking Chet, Faith, and Jessica, and we are heading up near Kansas City to go visit my mom this weekend. She is up there helping out with a chess tournament, and since it is only a few hours away I can't msis the chance to go visit. There is a Smithsonian exhibit with the Dead Sea Scrolls up there I am looking forward to going to see! I will be back on Sunday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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