Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Momma's Boys

I told you on Monday that we were heading out to be Chet's rooting section at his chess tournament, and I have some of the pictures uploaded now. Chet won both rounds of the tournament, and had a lot of fun in the process. In the first round he played a girl named Kim, and he didn't want to upset her by beating her, so when he could have had her in checkmate, he made a different move. All she had left at that point was her king, and since Chet was being such a softy she actually was able to get eight more of his pieces with that one king... LOL. She was allowed to go on to the next round also because she fought back so hard with just a king on the board! Chet wasn't feeling so generous the second round (how many times in your life do you expect to tell your kids to stop being so nice? LOL) Good job, Chet!

Here he is studying the board intently.

I love the little smile on his face when he got Kim's queen. This is just about the closest he comes to being smug.
And this, my friends, is checkmate. (second round)

Kyle also put forth a real big effort this week at his first baseball practice. He has never played before so it is all new to him. Silly me went and got him a glove for left-handers, so the first part of the practice didn't go so well for him as he tried to catch with his right hand and throw with his left. His coach figured out what his problem was, had him give me the offensive glove, and from then on he was on fire! Suddenly he was picking that ball up and throwing it back right where it needed to be. He had so much fun! They only practiced some throwing and catching, and then practiced touching the bases a little bit, but you could tell all those boys were happy to be there! I know that having five kids in baseball and softball through the spring and summer is going to be a grueling schedule, but I am looking forward to it!

Next week Faith, Beth, and Todd will be starting their practices. I am working on some digi baseball kits because I really want to be able to put their books together as the season goes on. I am going to have a chess set up soon too!

I sent an Easter set to be uploaded to Scrap Village, and I am hoping it is up tomorrow. I will post a link as soon as it is! Talk to you then!


Kara said...

jen!! they are getting SO freaking big!!
i miss you SO much!! the days are zooming past!! YIKES!

talk soon!

Johanna said...

It looks like everyone is having a great time. Congrats to Chet...I don't think I could ever figure out Chess!

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