Friday, April 20, 2007

Busy week

It was another busy week! Jessica was taking her ACT test last Saturday, so I ended up taking Faith and Chet to Kansas City to visit my mom at the chess tournament.

There was a Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit we tried to go see, but it was the last day and it was sold out. I guess that just means I have to get us to the Smithsonian to see it there instead! The kids had so much fun just hanging out at the chess tournament and playing chess. My mom spoiled them, and they came home with tournament chess boards, books, t-shirts, a clock... everything they would need to to continue to develop their chess skills. I can't remember this man's last name, but he wrote the book Chet is holding, which is literally the rule book for the chess tournament.

Baseball, softball, t-ball, ... we spend a lot of time at the ball fields now... lol. The official games start in a few weeks, but we still have practice several times a week. Tonight will be Beth's first real practice with her team... I can't wait to see all that cuteness in action!

I need to brighten this photo up.... but I love that I got her with both of her feet off the ground. Those are just fun pictures for me!

Last night was Todd's first practice. I have to say... t-ballers are probably the funniest group of kids I have ever seen. Here is Todd swinging for that ball.

When he was on second base, and another kid hit his ball, everybody called out "Run, Todd!" and he did... straight to outfield.... LOL

And I just love the way they are out there moving and trying to catch the ball. Isn't he graceful? I missed my favorite moment, when the ball rolled between his legs. Instead of turning around after it, Todd put his head on the ground and looked between his legs to look behind him to see where it went.

We have a really busy weekend planned. Tonight is Beth's practice, tomorrow is Jessica's prom, and Matt is playing in the state championship soccer games this weekend. I will have a new slew of pictures up when I get home on Sunday. I am going to leave you with some of the funny things these little guys were saying out on the ballfield last night.

Todd was at guarding third base, and decided to sit down. Jack told him he needed to stand up. Todd said, "Why... none of them can hit it this far anyway!"

Other kids... "Hey Mom, my hand is sweating!"
"She hits like a girl"
and my personal favorite... "I am hot. Could someone bring some shade over here?"


Johanna said...

Hey stranger! It looks like the kids had a good time with grandma. (I love the pic of Faith and Chet playing chess). Todd is too cute! Nathan told me this morning that he loves Beth...think that was a hint that we need to get together???

I miss you, and hope that things are better around your place!

Jennie said...

LOL! So funny, you have me in stitiches. I love the one when he's sitting down 'cos know one can hit that far, that would be me as a kid!!

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