Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Curly Joe and Curly Moe

(Please excuse the bad photo colors... I had my camera on the wrong setting and I didn't want to mess with editing them tonight.)

Except for their eyes and freckles, my two little guys look just like their dad, right down to their thick, unruly curly hair. This is about as "long" as it gets because their hair doesn't grow out, it grows around. It waves all over the place, horns sprout up around their ears and on the napes of their necks, and curlycues spring out from their cowlicks. They have hair that many girls envy. I love their thick, shiny locks, but when it gets too unmanageable I have to sit them down for a shearing.

Last night it was time to buzz off all those gorgeous curls. (They will be back in full bloom in a matter of weeks.) On their heads it doesn't nearly look like as much hair as it really is, but once it is all sheared off there is enough for a few wigs.

Todd particularly likes having his hair curly, but in the end they are both happy to have it shorter again. It makes it a lot easier to see the bunnyears when the horns are gone.

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chris jenkins said...

your boys look so handsome either way - long or short.