Friday, February 13, 2009

Soulja Boys

I sent Matt and Chet in to clean their room last night. I heard things being moved around and thought some progress was being made. Then I heard Soulja Boy playing, and heard the tell-tale sounds of dancing. The sounds I mistook for cleaning were actually the boys moving things to the walls so they could dance.

Chet is going to the Valentine's Dance tonight at school. It is his first dance. His friends are meeting him there. I am going as a mamarazzi.... I mean chaperone. A chaperone with a camera.
Matt was worried about Chet not knowing any dances, so he was teaching Chet the Soulja Boy.

When I cracked the door to see why they were dancing instead of cleaning, I knew I needed my camera. Because even though they are blurry pictures, and the room was still messy, I knew the boys wouldn't do it again for me just because I wanted pictures.
And something as cool as brothers bonding to Soulja Boy just needed to be captured in some format, even if the camcorder battery was dead.

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Anonymous said...

Ha I remember Matt dancing to "cotton eye joe" or whatever that song is lol. He knew that and I didn't, and I'm the one who has lived in arkyville longer lol haha.


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