Friday, February 20, 2009

Two (hundred) blackbirds and some guineas in an oak tree.

When Kyle got home from school yesterday he ran into the house and told me to get the camera. He said there were a bunch of "geese" in our tree. When I opened the front door, I heard the tell-tale cacophony that the flock of guineas makes. They were in one tree making a ruckus, and the blackbirds were in another screeching back at them. I have no idea what the argument was about.
I suspect the blackbirds were mad about the guineas being in the tree. After all, even I was surprised to see them there. I have seen them run across the street. I have seen them run from dogs, and barely flap a foot above the ground. They have big huge bellies that aren't conducive to flying. I think I always just assumed they didn't fly. Maybe the blackbirds made the same assumption.

Yet there they were, strolling around the branches, yelling to each other, squawking at me, and generally looking very out of place. Everytime I got a little closer, at least one of them would fly up to another branch. Then they would turn their backs like this and lift their tail feathers. What a bunch of snobs.

Guineas are pretty nice to have around, though. Despite their noise, they are probably the most useful wild animal we have around our property. They eat ticks, and if that was the only reason I liked them, it would be enough. But it isn't, though. I have another, very girly reason for liking them. Their fowl cousins (chickens and turkeys) are just ugly for the most part. Guineas, however, have a very aesthetically pleasing quality. They are polka-dotted. And I love the look of black with white polka dots.

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