Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Sunday Stuff

Today was a quiet day at home. Half of the kids and I are sick, so we stayed busy mostly doing nothing.

This was Jack's only day off this week, so he spent the day working in the yard. You can see the big pile of smaller tree branches behind him. We are going to have to rent a woodchipper to get rid of all of those instead of burning them. That would be a bonfire that could too easily get out of control. We are enclosing our front porch this spring to expand the front room and kitchen. After the ice storm, Jack decided he is also building a fireplace into the new front room. So he has been cutting up the thick branches into firewood.

As he cut the wood into fireplace portions (is there a particular word for that??), Faith and Kyle stayed busy stacking it up...

and making bunnyears.

Sammy stayed busy sleeping.

Since the lumberjacks, the sickies, and the teenager were all hungry I made a quick lunch. The Macaroni Grill is one of my favorite restaraunts, so when I saw their version of Hamburger Helper I thought we would give it try. I still prefer homemade, but this wasn't bad for a box of preservatives.
I was invited to an all night crop last night. I started feeling sick on Friday, but I could not pass up the opportunity to leave the kids, the husband, and the laundry behind and get out for the night. I even had the pictures from the Silver Dollar City trip printed out and I brought paper supplies with me. Crystal (married to Nathan) met me there, and we lasted until midnight.

I didn't finish my album, although I did get the covers cut out and I got all of the photos taped down to their pages. Today I looked at all the boxes on the table that I hadn't put away yet and decided to leave them out for a couple of days so I will actually get the album done. I forgot how much of a mess I make when I scrap with paper goods. Digital is a lot cleaner!

However, as I worked on this this afternoon, the kids kept coming up and clamoring to see their pictures and their pages. All of them were flipping through what I had done and talking about that trip. Beth kept painting tags and stealing sticker letters to spell words on her painted tags. I liked making the album; the kids loved me making the album. Jack and I were talking about their reaction, and I have decided to make more time to make things like this that they enjoy so much. It was touching to see how much they enjoyed it.

I still have half of the album to finish filling in and journaling. It is a junque style album with chipboard pages, tag pages, transparency pages, etc. I will post pictures of all of it in a couple of days when I get it done. I just couldn't get through it all today feeling like I do.

I am going to go track down some cough syrup and Tylenol and see if I can make my throat not feel like somebody has been rubbing it with sandpaper. Then I am going to go to bed, where I can tuck my ice cold toes under Jack's legs to warm them up. I am crossing my fingers that the kids wake up feeling a lot better and this doesn't get any worse this week. We have a lot to do over the next seven days. We don't have time to be sick!


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

here's hoping you're feeling better!

Johanna said...

The album looks great. I had to laugh as my eyes focused on THE MOST IMPORTANT SCRAPBOOK SUPPLY......Diet Coke from SONIC of course! I hope that you are feeling better!

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