Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some things never change

I haven't been to a junior high dance in about 20 years. Other than some of the music being played, things haven't changed much. The girls and the boys still stay in seperate groups, desperately trying to look aloof and yet still hoping somebody will ask them to dance. Some are dressed up in prom or church clothes, and some are in jeans and t-shirts. And the majority of them avoid the lit section of the floor like the plague. (Chet is in the far left corner, back by the wall in this picture, talking to his "date.")

Chet had arrangements to meet a girl at the Valentine's Dance, but she refused to have her picture taken with him. And she wouldn't dance with him. He hung out with her for about an hour, but eventually Chet drifted off to hang out with some of his other friends.

This is Sheldon. He and Chet have been friends since we moved here, and Sheldon is one of my favorite kids. There is something about kids facing serious medical issues that just draws me to them. It isn't even just because my heart breaks for them, because it does... no child should face critical/terminal diseases. It is more about how the majority of them deal with it in such a non-chalant and cheerful manner. Sheldon is always happy when I talk to him. He was out there dancing up a storm, even when he was dancing alone. And then he came and asked if I was going to dance. (I told him I couldn't do that to he had strict rules that his mamarazzi wasn't allowed to dance.) He is just an awesome kid.

Towards the end of the dance, Chet finally began to dance a bit. Soulja Boy was finally playing, but Chet had forgotten the moves. He and Alex decided to do the Robot instead. (I told you some things never change about Jr. High dances. They even played "Amadeus" and "Love Shack") The boys at this dance were cracking me up. I was being so good and staying at a distance, and they kept coming up to me. "Miss Jennifer, did you see me dancing? Did you take my picture? It's blurry???? I will do it again for you!" Boys I didn't even know were coming up to me to see their pictures.

Then "Apple Bottom Jeans" started playing and I am not sure what Chet would call these moves, but he kept dancing. The dance ended and I asked him if he'd had fun. He said he did, and in the grand scheme of things, that is all that mattered.

But I sure am glad I got to be there to watch it from a corner.

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Chrissy said...

What a blessing to share these moments with your son and his friends. I think it is so important to stay involved and I am SOOO looking forward to that with my little ones! Your post took me back to my Jr. High gym when I PRAYED that the really tall and really cute boy would ask me to dance. He finally did (IN HIGH SCHOOL) and now we are married with 2 amazing kids! Hehe!