Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bundling Up

There is a winter storm moving in, and it is getting chilly up here in the Ozarks! There is supposed to be an ice storm by tomorrow night... brrrr

No pictures to share today, but I do have a couple of funny Todd stories.

Yesterday I woke up from a little nap, and heard a plaintiff "meow". Todd had "arrested" some of the cats. There were upside down laundry baskets in the living room, each covered with a blanket. Some had cats jailed in them, and the rest were there waiting for Todd to be able to cajole the smarter and faster cats into his trap. What made it even funnier is that it looked like a monster-sized version of dice under a cup... move them around and guess where the cat really is... LOL I would have taken pics, but he moved it all before I got upstairs to get my camera.

The day before I took him in for the next immunization shot he needed. He very clearly remembers the last trip to the Health Department, and he was not particularly eager to go visit the nurse again. "Mom... you guys go ahead and I will stay home. I PROMISE I won't open the door, won't get in the fridge, I won't go outside... in fact, I will sit right here and I won't do anyhting but watch TV." That didn't work. So he put on an extra shirt, and then loaded himself 100% in his thick padded jacket... front zipped, hood attached so tightly that all we could see were his eyes. "I am not taking it off" he said. Then we had to wait half an hour and he got way too hot and took it off... LOL. Then as we were sitting there and waiting he asked if I had ever had shots. I said yes, and he said, "Then you know how to do this, so you should get my shot for me." LOL... sorry buddy... but he gets credit for being so funny in his efforts to avoid the immunizations!

After the shots, I took him and Beth and Matt out to lunch at the new Italian deli here in town. Todd had chosen to not eat breakfast that morning. We ate our pizza, and then Todd pushed his plate away and said, "That was yummy... I am ready for my lunch now." I reminded him that we were eating lunch, and he said,"No... you are eating lunch, I just finished my breakfast and I am ready for lunch now." He thought a slice of their chocolate cake would be a good lunch... truth be told, it is good enough to be any meal you want it to be... LOL

If you are trying to get ahold of me, my cell phone is recharged with minutes. I still can't see my screen, so I can't look up numbers to call anybody I don't have memorized... :0)

We are having Matt's birthday party this weekend, and if all goes well I plan on sleeping all afternoon on Sunday while Jack is home. I am getting used to this schedule, and my hands are not AS swollen as they have been, but the thought of getting a night's worth of sleep all in one shot really appeals to me! :0) Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!


Kara said...

hey girl!! hope that things are going well!! miss you bunches!!

call me soon!! its my birthday...;) you could call me today!! :D

fun news, i am going to CHA!! :D yippee!! got a good promotion at work too. so much to catch up on!!

love you girl!

Anonymous said...

LOL is right ... Todd is destined to be the stand up comic! Or a salesman ... Let's hope he goes for the comic routines instead!

I still have part of Matt's birthday present here so I might just bring it with me when we come to visit in Feb. instead ... by then I'll have had time to go get the missing pieces that go with it!

We're off to Hawaii this weekend and will be back on the 23rd.

Did you find my dream house yet???

Hugs & love,


Johanna said...

So, is it cold enough for you? It's weather like this that reminds me how much my husband must love his family to be out there working in it. I heard your hubby got pretty cold this weekend too.

I hope you were able to get some rest. I'll talk to you soon.

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