Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is why I haven't been posting. My left hand is swollen in this shot, so you can just imagine what my right hand has felt like. I couldn't bend it, couldn't use any kind of pressure, and couldn't even stand to hold my camera with it... let alone type. Nothing was helping... in fact, the swelling has been going up my arm, and my entire forearm up until my elbow was just as swollen and rock hard. Ouch. I went yesterday and quit my job, which isn't how I would normally leave a job, but I could not do this to my hands and arms anymore. I need them for the career I really want. Plus, Jack is being sent to Louisiana to help rebuild lines in New Orleans, and I can't leave the kids alone all night. I need to clean this picture up a little more, but I just loved the way the girls looked sitting in their baskets and watching TV. Beth had been playing with Faith's hair. Beth looks so much like Faith did at her age... makes me feel nostalgic. I love all those curls, but Faith had them too and now they are nowhere to be seen!

I had to get out of town the other day, so on Friday I took Beth and Todd to surprise Jack and we all had lunch at the Olive Garden.... yuummmmmmmmyyyy! The kids were really good as we waited for Jack to get there... I love how Beth had her lips pursed as she colored! As we pulled into Springdale, Todd said, "Mom, we were driving in the middle of nowhere." "I know," I said, "that was a big stretch of empty land wasn't it?" "Yeah," he said, "but now we are in the middle of SOMEWHERE!" We had a lot of fun being "somewhere" that afternoon!

Between the cold weather delaying Jack, my needing to go to work Saturday night, and a general feeling of being tired in the house, Matt decided to not have a whole party. Instead, we had his cake and opened his presents in the afternoon, and I am taking him to the movies this week.

Part of the reason he was so tired Saturday is that he went to Homecoming on Friday and danced the night away. He wouldn't let me go to the dance to take pictures, but if you talk to him ask him about the Cotton-Eyed Joe... :0) He said he had a good time, even going stag.

This, in an expressions, sums up what Todd thinks of Justin Timberlake's newest release from his CD. I have to say, I agree with Todd... LOL

It was negative 6 this morning... brrrrr... our whole yard is frozen over. It is beautiful with all the crystalline effects, but I feel really badly for the people in neighboring counties who are out of power and suffering. Missouri has been declared a disaster area. School was cancelled today due to the cold and ice, so the kids and I are hanging out, keeping warm, and doing a lot of nothing so far. Jack has been out working in this extreme cold, and he comes home in the shape of a husband popsicle. We went and bought him a thermal jumpsuit the other day, and he found the boots he needs to keep his feet warm and dry. Hopefully, he is staying warm today!

I am working on a digital kit that will be up for sale in a couple of weeks. It is full of the grungy and eclectic stuff I love... can't wait to show it to you! I will be back soon!


Kara said...

hey girl!! chris and i have been home for 2 days. we were at my MILs ranch yesterday due to our power going out!
i can't believe this weather!! INSANE!
:( sorry to hear about jack being gone. how long will he be there?

talk soon!

Jolene George said...

Your hand looks like it hurts! Ouch!
I LOVE the Olive Garden!...so good!
Happy Birthday to Matt!

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