Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Way past due!

I know I need to get an update up here! It has been another really busy week, with so much going on!! The big news in my scrapbook world is that I have been designing digital kits to be sold on ScrapVillage. The digi section is being launched this weekend during our virtual crop. Here are three sneak peeks of the sets I am going to have up, and there are more in the process. I started by making sets of some of my favorite texture things so I could have them to use... LOL Wish me luck... I am crossing my fingers that these go over well! Check back in the next couple of days because I have some freebies to give away as well. I need to get them loaded.

Things on the home front have been busy too. I don't have any great pics to share, but there are a couple of fun ones. Faith loves to use Beth as a real-life doll for dressing up. Beth found her flip-flops while we were moving things around, and Faith decided to dress her up in them using a Toga theme. You can't tell in the picture, but she even had blue eyeshadow and clips in her hair. My little Greek goddess... :0)
On Monday, Faith performed with her 3rd grade classmates in a school assembly. She has also signed up to be in a beauty pageant next month. Fun, fun, fun!
The big time consumer this week involved a lot of green paint. My mom, Bob, my aunt, and my great-uncle are coming to visit in a couple of weekends, and I wanted the house re-arranged and repainted before they got here. Todd and Beth had a blast prepping the kichen stairwell wall for me. I need to get some house after pictures taken. I painted the majority of the downstairs a lovely olive green (my mom is going to hate the color... LOL), and I am going to put a wash of brown wood stain over it to antique it a bit. The girls' rooms were also repainted to be pink and aqua. Last weekend the kids and I with the help of some of Jessica's friends got the furniture all re-arranged and everybody ended up switching rooms. Now I have to finish sorting everything and getting it all put away again, but we are all really happy with the changes we made.

Jack got to come home over the weekend. He is probably leaving again soon, but what a relief it was to see him walk in the door! We all missed him.

My dad is getting married next weekend, so I am flying back to Vegas on that Friday to be there for the wedding. I am really excited about getting to spend some time with my family, even if it is only a couple of days!

It is snowing outside right now. In fact, the kids were all sent home early from school today due to the snow. So I am going to go outside and take some pics of the kids playing in it, get some work done, and start on dinner. I promise to be back in the next day or so with the freebies! Talk at ya soon!


Johanna said...

Your kits are really great! I might be tempted to try a few. It sounds like you are having fun redecorating. (That will teach Jack to leave again!) Hope you are all having fun in the snow. Give me a call when you've got the minutes. I miss you.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Oh. My. Those kits are wonderful!!!!!

Sue said...

Jenn - your kits are awesome!! I had no idea you were a talented digi girl too!! All the Pukesters are going digi - I had better get with the times :)

Jessie said...

So much cool stuff Jenn! Miss ya! How are things? Trying for HOF? Just wanted to pop in and say hi ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your kits, too. I hope you're feeling better today. Counting the days until we see you again!



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