Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!

We had a fun New Year's Eve! Portia and Ed and their kids made it over, and everyone spent the night playing various games. At any given point during the night somebody was stair sliding (even Ed gave it a go at one point), there were video games going, a Lego set being built, and then the teens and the adults sat down to play Monopoly.

The Monopoly game was absolutely hilarious. We had said it was Adult Monopoly... meaning we weren't going to have any little kids playing. Somehow, Tony was convinced that meant it was strip Monopoly, and he went out to his truck to put on extra layers of clothes... there was no way we could let that kind of naivete go. So we were teasing him and said that if he landed on somebody else's property they could choose whether you had to pay rent or take off some clothes. So we go several rounds, with everyone paying their rent, and Tony lands on one of Ed's properties. He tells Tony to lose his shirt, and because he was taking our teasing so seriously, Tony did. After we all lost it laughing for a bit, I told him to put his shirt back on and we finished playing the game. Jessica desperately wants me to post a picture of it here, but I don't need bare-chested teenagers on my blog... LOL
The game came down to Jack and I teaming up against Portia and Ed, and they slaughtered us. That Ed is one tough realty mogul, I tell ya!
We turned on the TV about ten till midnight to watch the countdown, and realized that we had missed it! They posted it live during NY time, which is an hour ahead of us. We did our own countdown, yelled Happy New Year, and drank our sparkling cider. Ed and Portia and Tony went home, all the kids that were spending the night went to sleep, and we crashed. We had a blast, though. I can't wait to have friends over to play games again. Portia and I were teasing Tony and told him he could come next week to play Adult Scrabble... where you have to do everything that gets spelled..... LOL... he has declined the invitation. Don't worry Tony... if that was the real rule I would be spelling "wash the dishes, scrub the floors, cook dinner, etc"

2006 was a big year for us... lots of major events and ups and downs. Here is my recap of some of my favorite moments, in no particular order. Here is to hoping that 2007 is wonderful for all of us!

Finding Jessica, and bringing her home.
The Moonlight Beach party with Kara, Ann, and Mette.
Seeing the Kahokian Mounds.
Potty Training Beth and celebrating the end of 14 years of diapers.
Moving to Arkansas and buying our first house.
Reconnecting with long lost friends and family.
Ice Skating
Putting on that manic Designer Dinner
Leo making me paper roses on my birthday
Movies with Johanna and Sheri
Watching Matt play football
Todd's "blackberry incident"
Seeing Beth so excied about Santa
Becoming friends with Kara
Seeing the Winchester Museum again with Katherine and Gayle.
Mom coming out to visit.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all It sounds like you had a really good time. Still looking forward to the e-mail so that I can get your address.
Hope to talk to you soon
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Love to you all....


Kara said...

aww!! girl I love you!! :D

please have a great 2007!! i know that this is going to be a even better year than last!

looks like you had a fun party. i was in bed by 9 with a bad bought of the flu! :(

Jolene George said...

Your party looks wonderful! Happy New Year Jenn!