Sunday, January 21, 2007

The morning view

I was wrong when I said that none of the big trees hang over the house... I forgot about the garden trees. Fortunately, the branches that have fallen on the house haven't caused damage, and none of them have knocked down the power line they are draping over. These are all just shots of different parts of the yard around the house. I won't let the kids play outside because you can still hear some of the branches cracking, and I can see where big branches are still getting ready to fall.

This is two of the puppies saying good morning to one of the neighbor horses across the street.
Icicles on the back deck.
One of the tree branches in mid-drip.
Bigger icicles on the storage shed
An inch of ice around some smaller branches
frozen apple and peach trees

My camera was straight for this shot, and there is no wind. The weight of the ice is pulling the tree down.
If we have any birds in our birdhouse, I hope they are cozy.
Another front yard tree in the process of coming down.
The big tree in the orchard. You can see some of the branches laying on the smaller roof in the bottom left corner.

We aren't going anywhere or doing anything today. The ice melting outside right now, but it is getting back into the 20s tonight, so we will see what happens.


Katherine said...

OMG, and I thought it was cold here in Arizona!! You're a stronger woman than I am! LOL!! Love the photos Jenn. :)

Carol said...

WOW you got some great shots! I feel cold just looking at all that ice! BRR!! :D

Jennie said...

I heard about the ice storms in the US over the pond here, I'm glad there was no damage to your new home.

We got our first snow of the Winter last night, it dipped to minus 2, so it was pretty hairy this morning. I got some great shots too, and now the sun is out bright and it's all melting!

Jen from UK x

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