Saturday, January 20, 2007

Iced Over

It is dark outside, so the pictures aren't great, but this is what the trees and roads around here look like right now. These branches are actually in the process of falling off the tree in the front yard from the weight of the ice. We are fortunate enough to still have power, and I am hoping the worst of the storm is over so we don't lose it.
The rain and sleet is coming down too fast for me to get the camera to focus for this shot, but this is my ice tree in the back yard. I don't think any of our really huge trees are close enough to the house to have branches fall on it, and I moved the cars in the hopes that none of them get smashed. The truck is parked in a really wet part of the yard though, and appears to be sinking in the bogginess... if that boggy area freezes we may not be going anywhere at all until it all melts.. LOL
Jack and his crew had to leave Missouri until the storm passes, so they are in Oklahoma helping to get things running again for the homes hit there. They are going back up to Missouri in a couple of days, and we still aren't sure how long he will be gone. We're just crossing our fingers and saying our prayers that the roads are safe and he doesn't get hurt climbing up or down the poles. In the meantime, the kids and I are hunkering down and staying warm.

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